Upgrading to iOS 4.0.1 not by choice

No sooner than I post about downgrading to iPhone OS 3.1.3 from iOS 4, did I start having problems with my iPhone. I had a good week with no issues, a speedy phone and life was great. Then last weekend my iPhone stopped waking up. I have it in a dock each night while I sleep on my night stand. In the morning I turned on the phone, but got the black screen and the silver/white apple logo. I figured ok strange, guess it had a hiccup. I waited and made the doc was indeed getting power. It stayed on that screen for a minute and then went black. I tried a full reset holding down the power and home button, still would not go past the Apple logo. Into the office I went and opted to restore. Of course […]

Daily Components

While finishing up the same roll of film, I was looking around my cubicle for inspiration. I realized the few items I have with me everyday are my MacBookPro and my iPhone. Coca-Cola is something I only recently started drinking, in moderation, but I liked how the curvy logo looked against the straight lines of the gadgets.

The Great Mail Debate

I’m toying with the idea of forwarding my .Mac/.Me email account to my GMail account. The reason being is I’m getting a lot more email into the .Mac account it’s getting kind of hard to keep up with it via Mail. I’ve got a good system of organization but I’m duplicating between my GMail account and the .Mac account. It seems crazy when the content coming in overlaps so much. The other reason behind the move is, I’m really not impressed with the MobileMe website. It never fails, I delete things over there and it doesn’t move it. Also I find their website very slow, no matter what browser I’m using. My third reason is I’m not as tethered/addicted to getting my emails instantly. I love the .Me push IMAP, but really I don’t have anything coming in that a […]

TheDiet Update

It’s been a really long time since I’ve updated. After my back went out I got into a real funk and just feeling down. I also noticed my energy level was just dropping. This past week I realized I’ve been drinking coffee every single day since I started my new[er] job. For me caffeine will work for a while but then it will actually make me more and more exhausted. This week I’m taking a break from coffee. I’m having green tea and herbal tea only. The other benefit to cutting back on coffee is, I like my coffee very light and with half and half. Needless to say this is a good elimination from my daily routine. I’ve decided to use iCal to track my health because I have it available to me at work, at home and on […]

Gadget Gurl

Well I’ve never taken a photo of all my gadgets, so I finally did the other night. My 3 can’t live with outs are my PB15″, Sony Ericsson T616 BT cell phone and my Garmin iQue 3600. They all talk together, for the most part. The iQue talks to the mac but not the cell phone, which Garmin I’d really like to see fix on the next model. Well anyways, here’s a pic of everything charging back up at the end of the day. The iQue is my PDA and GPS Navigator. The cell is pretty self explanatory and the laptop, well it’s everything 🙂 Also in the pic are my apple bt wireless mouse, took a little adjusting, but now I love it. And my retractable sync cord, can’t live without it. lol.

Couch Cam

Welcome to Couch Cam. I’m trying out some new software from Evological, called EvoCam. It’s using my Apple iSight to broadcast an image every-time their is movement. I set the camera up facing the couch, a bit safer than straight back which would have been the bedroom. Most of the time, or at least I’m hoping, you’ll find Melody. Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s you might find Craig. Should be interesting. You can find Couch Cam in the right hand side bar. Click the photo to see a larger version. Enjoy!