Snow Shoeing Sunday

Scout and his walking guides, originally uploaded by criana.

We went out again, but this time to Bulls Bridge in South Kent. Kelly’s Uncle Steve joined us and Scout our trusty guide.

It was harder this time with some snow being packed down but also just heavier and denser. More work. Today we also did some hills up and down. Made it out to the Ten Mile bridge, got up on it and enjoyed the view.

Using the trekking poles while snow shoeing certainly helps with stability but they also give an extra part of the work out.

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!






4 responses to “Snow Shoeing Sunday”

  1. Mark Avatar

    Nice Shoeing. Is the picture at Steeprock? Speaking of Steeprock, is biking allowed there or not? Is it one of those things that even though they say it’s not allowed they turn a blind eye?

  2. Colin Devroe Avatar

    Seems like you are getting some exercise from all of this snow shoeing!

  3. Diana Avatar

    Hey Mark,
    That picture is Bulls Bridge up in South Kent on the AT. No biking allowed there.

    Steep Rock… you can bike the fire road. which will lead over the tunnel, or you can go through the tunnel. Going through the tunnel the trail only continues on for another 1/8th of a mile roughly. All the single track in Steep Rock is no horse/no bikes.

    I do have a book of back road biking in CT that has a loop to do around Steep Rock, going onto the side roads many of which are dirt. I think the best thing about that area is the lack of cars you encounter. And in Steep Rock itself, very few people.

    The ride along the fire road and to the tunnel is definitely something good to do with kids.

    We’ve never had anyone say anything while were there.

  4. Diana Avatar

    This hike was a good 1.2 miles out and then another 1.2 back with some hills. We definitely got a good work out.

    Now we just need some more snow!

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