Sleeping in and the sun


The sun was shining! I slept in pretty late today, and was a bit cranky when I got going. Everyone was up already and heading out the door and I was still trying to wipe sleep from my eyes. I opted to just stay back with Craig. We took our time getting up but got to enjoy the sun in the back yard.


We broke out our chairs and sat on the deck. I snapped quite a few photos of the house and the yard; very glad they mowed yesterday. We relaxed, read our books, listened to music and then a cool ocean breeze came in and we retreated in doors.

It got cool enough to start up the fireplace again, and we set up in the living room with the view of the yard.

Kerry, Marty and Kathy came back from their hike later on and said they saw dolphins jumping in the water but didn’t have a camera able to snap any pics. I wish I had been more awake in the morning to go.

We all set about cleaning up and getting ourselves ready to go the next day. We managed to eat many more good foods since we had bought abundantly.


Later in the day Craig and Kerry finally got to work on music. Craig had written several songs that had guitar pieces. They recorded for several hours. I’m looking forward to hearing the final results.






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