Schaghticoke Road

I biked on this road on the 14th of August. I was so out of shape. Anytime there was a hill, or I had gone about 1000 feet on flat. I had to stop and drink water, and then also stretch my legs. I only made it past the big straight away. All tolled I did about 2.5 miles my first time biking down the road.

Today, I biked 6.2 miles, did all the hills and didn’t have to stop, I plowed down straight aways, and got my heart going and was sweating quite a bit. I drank through my entire water bottle. I’m very happy that now 6 miles feels like a good workout but not over doing it. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for biking. It was overcast and cool, with a nice breeze.

We saw a rabbit, a bunch of turkeys, a Rottweiler, and a squirrel who was very inquisitive. I’m hoping to take it a step further on our next visit out, to ride to the end, then over to the center of Kent. That should make for a fun trip.

On our ride back down the road, something caught my eye. marks on the pavement for “BB Bike”. I don’t know what they go to. They went through some woody adventure course that seemed to be attached to Kent School, and then we saw them again over at Kent School. If you know what these are, and if there are for public use please let me know.





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