Road Trip Eve

I knew the day before would be crazy, and gratefully I was able to wind down at work without project craziness. I probably should have been suspicious at that point. Craig picked me up at work, we headed to Stop & Shop for some last minute travel items. Back home for pizza with my in-laws. Many thanks to them for bringing it over and taking care of our kitties while we’re gone.

Just as we started packing, my Mom called to say that they were settled and ready for us. We collected ourselves and drove down to the Holiday Inn off Exit 8 to pick up their car for the next morning. We arrived around 9:30pm and the place was packed, cars parked on the grass, valet parking and blaring music. Lots of drunk old people; yes I’m calling you out people we passed in the elevator at 11pm at night acting like you’re 19 but you’re like 49.

We visited for a little while, and then realized the time. Back home, back to packing and finishing cleaning our home. 1am we slept.

Side note: I rented a Canon 17-55mm f2.8 IS lens that is amazing. I got to play with it in the afternoon. Great lens! The depth of field is so nice.

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