VariationsI’m not sure if it’s because I grew up in New England or my internal clock is off, but Autumn is the time of year I recount the year prior, reflect on what I’ve done, could have been done better, the times I take great joy in. It’s the beginning. For most it’s New Years Eve/Day that they set out new goals, or their birthdays, not me it’s the Fall season.As the leaves turn all around me, I get really excited. Every year is different, when I drive I try to keep an eye out for that one tree that really stands out. The changing of leaves is like mother nature’s present for me. I think back to wonderful memories of being in New Hampshire’s White Mountains during October. Could be also my parents didn’t fight during this time and why it’s also so special to me.I’m rambling… it’s late. I was reading earlier today on CorrieHaffly’s blog about her Groundhog Day Resolutions, which got me thinking of my own desire to establish routine. Which then led me to Zen Habits.  One thing that struck me in his post was the first key step to establishing a routine.

Focus on them. Keep your routine as your foremost goal for one month, focusing on nothing else. Having too many habits at once spreads your focus too thin, and makes success less likely. 

I undermine myself usually with this by trying to wake up 5:00, plan and prepare meals ahead of time, exercise 5 times a week, read blogs, knit, take a photo everyday and spend time with Craig. Starting now! Instead of setting myself up for failure, I’m going to focus on ONE of these being getting up early.When we go camping, my body gets right back in tune with nature’s alarm clock. I’m up at 4:30-5:00 am and not exhausted. I feel alive and have energy, I also usually fall to sleep at a reasonable time, unlike right now as I right this. I also find I’m not as easily stressed out when I get up early. If anyone knows of where to get a natural light alarm clock, please email me. Quite a while back Brookstone or Sharper Image had one, but I have never seen it again. Back on topic, I’m going to focus on waking up early and not get discouraged if I might sleep in a bit one day. There’s always tomorrow to get back on track. I’m also going to log my progress in iCal/Google Calendar, as the third key to creating a routine recommends.Good Morning here I come 🙂






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