Photography Field Class II

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to take a second Photography Field Class. We met at Topsmead State Forest in Litchfield, CT. We had 3 solid hours of shooting everything imaginable. As usual it was a lot of fun. I got to practice and improve my skills. I got to do some portrait photos of my friends who were taking the class as well. I’ve really enjoyed photographing people and hope to do more of it.

The land that the main house is on, is beautiful, there is a great craggy tree in the back that just beckons to be climbed. Much to our dismay your not supposed to climb it. Shhh… one of us did.

I shot 290 digital pictures, and 60 black and white negatives. This Friday I’ll get a chance to see how the negatives came out.

The Cottage #1

The Giving Tree





3 responses to “Photography Field Class II”

  1. Richard Avatar

    Wow, you were pretty close to my neck of the woods while there. Who taught the class?

  2. Diana Avatar

    Eric Dreeke taught the class. He teaches through Tunxis Community College and Northwestern Community College.

    He also does Field Classes on his own along with Dark Room classes.

    I think he’s a wonderful teacher and highly recommend him. He’s based out of Collinsville.

  3. […] back my photography friend’s, Shanna and Kelly, decided it had been too long since our last photography field class. Sadly enough, Shanna couldn’t make it today, but Kelly and I headed over to Harkness […]

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