Photo Shoot: Harkness Memorial Park

In All Places Processed

Several weeks back my photography friend’s, Shanna and Kelly, decided it had been too long since our last photography field class. Sadly enough, Shanna couldn’t make it today, but Kelly and I headed over to Harkness Memorial State Park to shoot photos. I went to college on this side of the state and discovered this park with Craig while driving around and exploring the area. Since that time I love to come over and visit. There’s a mansion on the property, gardens, a long stretch of lawn and ocean front.

We decided to head over a little later and let the morning storm clouds pass. When we arrived it was sunny and a light breeze. Perfect for our photo walk. Craig kindly came along and allowed me to shoot photos of him. I am very happy with how the photos came out today.

Slideshow available here.

The technical:
I shot all of today’s photos with a Canon Digital Rebel XTi, Canon 50mm 1.8f, Canon 100-300mm, Canon 18-55mm kit lense and tripod. I used primarily for the sky photos a graduated neutral density filter. I also shot, but not shown here, 120mm format black and white film with a Diana F+ camera. I’m hoping to work on those soon. I post-processed in Adobe Lightroom 2.0.

Step Back in Time

Processed with a Lithograph preset in Lightroom.

Grand View

HDR of the park from the ocean side.

Coming to get me

Craig coming to get me.






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