Passions in Life

There are a few things in life I feel pretty passionate about.

  • Technology that is accessible to all.
  • Technology available to all school children.
  • Technology expands options and opportunities.
  • Teaching people that technology is not the solution, but rather the tool to find the solutions.

Breaking out of the model that you need to be in a building, plugged into a wire, attached to a desk to do your work. This is certainly true somedays when you need to have access to paperwork, an ultra fast connection or a speaker phone.

But what about the days when you just need to plug along, distraction free from phones ringing, coworkers, benignly stopping by for conversations, chatter around your workspace and you just want to escape to some solitude and as they say, “get shit done.”

Companies need to offer more telecommute options, and let go of their fear that their employees will goof off all because they can’t see them to then be able to control. FYI, your employees are already doing that in the office, you just find it more acceptable. If a company (specifically those not bound to a physical space to make a product) can’t run their business remotely, this says more about them and how they are running their business, than it’s ability to be a remote business.







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