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Offroading in CorningThe other day I put together a page on the Honda CR-V’s in my life. I don’t talk about it much on here, but I really should is how involved I’ve been with

I joined the site in March 1998 when I got my first Honda CR-V, a black LX. From there I added on a whole bunch of things and was active in the forum, I never made it to a meet with that CR-V.

In June 2002, I had the opportunity to get a new car and I went for a CR-V again, this time a 2002 Silver EX. I became much more active in and helped establish the NEMC (North East Member Club), we’ve held several meets to date, and I’ve been the host of many.

Being a host of car meets taught me a lot about being a leader.

  • I realized you can not make everyone happy, but you can certainly try to get everyone.
  • I learned to plan for mishaps, plan for delays, plan for the unexpected.
  • I also learned to make sure people feel included. It’s easy to fall into comfortable conversations with those who already know each other.
  • I learned to not take anything too seriously.
  • I learned to plan for everyone’s needs, not everyone is showing up with 100.00 to blow on food at a fancy restaurant.
  • Include the whole family, don’t make people feel they can’t bring the kids along.

It’s been a great experience, and is a good part of why at 126,000 miles on my CR-V I don’t plan to get rid of it anytime soon. Of course if Honda comes out with a CR-V hybrid, I’ll be jumping to get that.

In the side bar I have a full detailed page of my trips and modifications.

Do you have any similar experiences?






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