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  • Fall Back, Regroup

    Fall Back, Regroup

    I’ve been coming to the White Mountains region of New Hampshire, specifically Franconia Notch since I was 5 years old. Every summer my parents would make the trip up here for two weeks in August. It became my home away from home. I shared my love of this area with Craig (my boyfriend at the…

  • Retreating to Disconnect

    Retreating to Disconnect

    This is trip is a vacation for all intent-and-purposes, but it’s got a second role, a company retreat. The company being the two person venture of CRIANA. In May I was elated, events were finally aligning where I could truly go solo and focus my energy, skills and time on our business idea. Increased work…

  • Clear Blue

    Clear Blue

    My camera and my photography has taken a back seat over the past few years while I worked very hard at staying current in the web design & development field and lay a lot of groundwork for a business. Finally on vacation and I was determined to relax away from the computer and take photos.…

  • Prelude to Change

    Prelude to Change

    It has been quite a while since I consistently wrote for my site. To say a lot has happened since December when I wrote about the ornaments, or let alone early 2012, is an understatement. My 30’s have been an interesting time. Depressing, surreal and confident; not exactly three words one would normally put together. There is a lot…



    I guess I would have hoped one of my photos from Maine would have had a highest view on Flickr. Instead the photo that gets that accolade is my “What’s in Your Bag?” photo from 2006. It’s certainly funny looking back at what I carried then. I still have most of the items. Sold the…

  • Reflections


  • 2014: A Year of Hard Work

    2013 could be easily defined with chaos that led to change. It could also have been defined as taking great leaps of faith, settling into hard work, which we then continued in 2014. 2014 was right up until the very last day, the slow payoffs for the hard work we’ve been doing. Craig took his health by the…

  • Day 6 of 16: Down East

    Day 6 of 16: Down East

    Starting in 1995, we began vacationing in Maine. This I can thank my wonderful in-laws for. They told my Mom, she booked a house rental way up on the down east coast. This was a big deal for my parents, as every year of my childhood, summer vacation was in the White Mountains of New…

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