OS X 10.1

So who still has this laying around? I drove to 1 of 2 Apple stores in the US to get it.

I came across this while searching for the documentation on my PowerBook G4 which we are selling. A flood of memories come back for me when I saw this packet. In August 2001, I made the investment in a PowerMac G4 Tower (QuickSilver Edition) and it came with OS X 10.0 preloaded in dual boot mode. I fell in love with OS X. I used it as much as I could with the few apps I had that would run under it.

In October 2001, I went job hunting in the Fairfax County area of Virginia and stayed with family while sending out resumés. While down in the area, we were next to only the second Apple Store in the country. The store in Alexandria was the only one to open after the one in San Francisco. Craig and I drove over to the mall where it was located and checked it out. When we walked in they were handing these out for free. I couldn’t wait to get back to my family’s place to install the upgrade.

I kept this trend going for a while. Craig and I attended the release of Tiger at the Apple SOHO store. My friend got down there early to snag a spot in line. We drove down after work and Craig won a door prize of an Apple iPod Shuffle. Later when Danbury got an Apple Store we lined up for the release of Leopard. That’s as far as we went, now we just wait for our Apple or Amazon order to arrive. They certainly were fun to attend.







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  1. Alec Peden Avatar
    Alec Peden

    Fun fact..I was 3rd in line at Danbury for Leopard.

  2.  Avatar

    Nice! We were about 40 back in line. I just put one of the t-shirts we got into Goodwill yesterday. I’ve never worn them but seemed cool at the time.

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