Only Half the Truth

This does not surprise me.

The White House censored it’s own Centers for Disease Control and Prevention head person. What she presented to Congress was the findings of the effects of global warming on diseases and extinction.

The White House struck 6 pages of her 12 page report that didn’t “align” with what a report from the United Nations.

So let me get this straight… they bash the UN all the time for not doing enough, not seeing things right but now the UN has a report that is in their favor, so now they’ll back a UN report. Wasn’t it the UN who also said there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

>British scientists, in a paper published this week, say that fossil >records show mass extinctions of species are linked to warming tropical >seas. And they say, based on Intergovernmental Panel projections, Earth >is on course to reach extinction-level warming in about 100 years. If >that level is reached, the panel says, “20 to 30 percent” of animal >species will be at risk of extinction.

[From the Cincinnati Post]( “Mass Extinction Just Ignore It”)





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