Olympics 2004

Well I’ve fallen behind again on posting. The HondaSUV Olympics have come and gone. It was a great event hosted by the talented Varmint (aka Kyle). We had one more car than we had the previous Olympics. The events were a blast as always, and amazingly enough mother nature held out and gave us some beautiful weather. The event was in the Franconia Notch of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Cannon Mountain played host to us again. We did our usual blindfolded auto cross, and then I think it was called Crazy Commute. I ended up coming in, in 3rd place. Which I wasn’t even trying, so I guess I can’t complain.

Day 1, we did the Olympics events, went to the top of Cannon, and then continued our games. Craig had to work, so we drove up in two separate cars. Then we all headed over to Kyle’s for some BBQing, and then hung out and chatted about the day.

Day 2

We got up, and meandered over to the Basin and took in the sites.

Then we met up with everyone and headed over to Mount Washington, to drive up the Auto Road. Well I have a small fear of heights, but I had done this trip in the back seat 3 times, as my parents had driven us up. This time I was the driver. Wow, it was…..ummm……an experience. Breathtaking views, incredible vistas, and clouds up at the top. That was par for the weekend. Overall an amazing experience, and I had a really good time. Afterwards, we headed back to Lincoln, relaxed, got dinner, then picked up Craig’s car and drove back home.






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