Odd Billboards

Ok, I’ve got to write about this, because this is now the 4th billboard I’ve seen for “Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal”. These are the questions I’ve got.

1) Are there that many men who got married had vasectomies, got divorced, remarried and now want to have kids that dictates whole billboards?

2) Other than remarrying and wanting to have kids again, why would you want to undo that procedure? If you think about it, ultimate birth control. You could have sex all the time and never have to worry about getting the woman you’re with pregnant. No worries about having kids when you didn’t want them.

3) I am yet to see a “Microsurgical Untying your Tubes” billboard. Hmm….let’s think why is that? Oh yeah usually women don’t want to go back to being able to have more kids. Mostly likely they’ve already had one or more and that was enough.

…and there is always option 4:

4) Is this just some doctor or medical group who’s looking to make a nice profit and convince people they need this procedure.

But that’s just my opinion.






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