Not only can he play serious jazz, but he’s funny

Tonight we went to see Harry Connick Jr. at Tanglewood Music Center. If your not familiar with Tanglewood check out their website.

The concert began at 8:00, and we got there at 5:30. The place wasn’t really packed yet. The whole weekend was the Tanglewood Jazz Festival. We were expecting there to be the big screens Tangelwood always has out so those on the lawn could see still. NOPE no screens, which I’m thinking is courtesy of SONY Music.

But anyways, Harry Connick Jr. came on, and the music was great. His Dad made a surprise appearance and sang with him. He also had this funny thing going with one of the security guards, who I guess looked an awful lot like one of the Alman Brothers, then he asked if he was with the Doobie Brothers. It was really funny. He made lots of jokes during breaks between songs.

One interesting thing we found out at the beginning, was this was his last show for quite a while, because the band was going their separate ways for a while, and would regroup later on down the road. So it was cool to see them on their last show of the tour.





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