Night Riding

I stopped at my local bike shop (Class Cycles) on Thursday after work, and picked up some goodies. I got a floor pump, 2 spare tubes, patch kit, tire popping thingies, and a camelback siren pack. But I also got a headlight and a tailight.

On Sunday we went riding at the Larkin Bridle Trail. Soon I will have photos again, once I get a new camera. It was a nice trail. We only got 3 miles into it, towards the 3 mile mark the path became a bit sandy, which is pretty hard to pedal through.

I finally got to do some actually mountain biking, climbing up rocky paths and over rocks. It was a beautiful day and the ride was great.

Tonight, I got home late from work but we went out riding anyways. it was great to get out and ride. My butt was really sore, I took off the gel seat on Sunday and am going to use just the regular seat.

I got to use my lights tonight. I also got to see how I should not stop riding the bike because OMG, I let it go for two weeks, and I’m back to being seriously out of shape. I was on a roll there for a while. So now I gotta get back on track and up to where I was at before.

My goal this week is to ride each night 2+ miles. I know for those who are in really good shape, or even decent shape, this sounds like piddly, but for me, being in horrendously bad shape, it’s a workout 🙂

Once I get a cam to take some pics with, I’ll take some pics of my setup. Oh yeah, and I lost some weight!







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