my iQue has become mute

So I’ve got this great little navigation aid for our trip. Except just before the trip it stops talking to me. Nice! All the sounds are coming out of every other program on it except the navigation, convenient wouldn’t yah say.

Other than that the iQue has done really well. It’s gotten us to all our destinations with no problems. Twice it seemed to bug out, but once I pulled it out of the sun and let it re-calibrate all was good again.

Some of the best features on this are the ability to have it tell us when the next intersection is coming up, and to estimate our arrival time at the final destination.

Also getting to see the speed is very helpful, since my speedometer now has a 2% offset from the new tires. All in all, I’m so glad we have the iQue with us leading the way. Now if it would just start speaking again, I’d be one very happy iQue owner.






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