My Dad

Today I want to take a moment to remember my Dad. He was born on May 5, 1936 and grew up in Connecticut. He loved cars and passed on that love of cars to me (along with my Mom – I didn’t forget you Mom). He also used create the most amazing gifts for me, and could fix anything. He loved electronics and music. His CDs and LP collection most people still don’t believe when we tell them. He also had an incredible workshop, filled with enough electronics to make Radio Shack jealous.

My Dad had a heart attack in 1976 and technically I shouldn’t be here since I was born in 1979. After his heart attack, he never took better care of his body. He let his health go, and was pretty depressed about what the future held for him. Which was ironic since he loved anything that talked about the future, like space and electronics.

He passed away on Friday the 13th in August 1999. It was a very strange day for me, as I was the sickest I’ve ever been in my life. If I had not started feeling better, I was considering a trip to the hospital. I was on vacation in Maine. I got the message from a woman at the campground to call home immediately. I knew it was my Dad and that he was dead. The worst part was, I was extremely sad, but relieved, he had been so miserable the last couple of years, and just so uncomfortable in his body. He was only 62, 3 years shy of retirement. I made a pledge to not want to go down the same road as my Dad. He was wonderful and had so much to offer the world, and knew so much, but he was so afraid of everything that he never shared any of it. He was always suspicious of people taking things from us. But he loved animals. He had a short temper but a big heart.

So I take this day to not mourn my Dad, but to celebrate all the wonderful things he taught me and everything he had to offer the world.

May 5, 1936 – August 13, 1999

This photo is from the 1950’s

This photo was a week before he passed away, while on vacation in Virginia on the Sky Line Drive.

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