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I’m so glad someone made this movie pulling in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Craig and I started watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” annually about 4 years ago. For some reason neither of us had really been attracted to it when we were younger. Now having lived through the DotCom crash, 9/11, job losses, credit card debts and watched friends and family go through financial hardships, we could really identify with George Bailey. It’s saddening when you realize how many years ago that movie was made, and how much it holds true still today. If not even more so.

I’m happy to say when I went to the website to see about lenders in our area who were community banks, we are already with one. We’ve had our accounts with them since the 90’s. Ironically both the banks we used to work for got swallowed up by Bank of America and Webster.

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  1. Jessa Avatar

    You know what’s sad? I have never actually see “It’s A Wonderful Life.” I am very ashamed to admit this fact. I have to make that a priority next Christmas.

  2. Diana Avatar

    Go watch it now, it’s still in the season. I remember my high school history teacher had a signed photo from Jimmy Stewart because he liked that movie that much. At the time I was like, eh, it’s an ok movie. If you’ve ever had to deal with banks and felt like you were at their mercy, it’s an excellent movie. Also it goes along with the feeling of where have all the small businesses gone, the ones where you knew the people behind the counter.

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