Looking Forward to Spring

My Panda Shot, so I can be cool like Janet

This was taken in June of 07 in Cape Cod. I cannot wait for spring this year, to get out on my bike. 2008 I don’t know even know what to say. I didn’t do anything physical just worked and slept. I am determined to not start my 30’s being the inactive person I’ve been of my 20’s.

I really enjoyed our bike trip that June. I had never been to Cape Cod and I was looking at everything with a fresh set of eyes. Maybe this time we’ll go for longer than 2 days.



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8 responses to “Looking Forward to Spring”

  1. Lainey Avatar

    This is a great shot.

  2. Diana Avatar

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Dave Wild Avatar

    That pretty much sums up me too. I did a lot of weekend hikes, but they don’t get your blood pumping like bike rides can. The weather in the UK for the last two years has been especially grim – I’m hoping for a warm sunny year this year!

  4. Diane Avatar

    Hi Diana,
    Thanks for responding to my note regarding Cushing’s syndrome. I’m glad to hear the symptoms don’t fit. Great photos here, too. I tried taking a similar photo while driving. Very daring! I’m counting down the days ’til spring too. All the best in 2009.

  5. RantingKnitter Avatar

    Great shot! Shouldn’t we send out warning notices to all the parks that we’ll becoming? Let’s go for some new terrain – spice things up some.

  6. Diana Avatar

    Dave, I can’t agree more. There’s something special about the level of workout + fun you get from riding a bike. This past summer we were actually quite lucky and had some really nice dry weather but I was too busy working and dealing with a new commute. Not this year, I say! hehe

  7. Diana Avatar

    Thanks Diane! All the best to you this year 🙂 May it progressively get better than how this last one ended.

  8. Diana Avatar

    I really need to find somewhere to ride after work this year. I wanted to go back to Huntington but it’s now on the opposite side of town and out of my way. By the time I get over I’m not going to have a whole lot of time. Any suggestions?

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