Leopard Spaces @ Work

Spaces @ Work, originally uploaded by criana.

I love the new Spaces feature in Leopard, aka Apple OS 10.5.

1) Lotus Notes
2) VMWare Fusion
3) iTunes
4) Apple Mail, Safari and iChat

I’ve gotten pretty quick with using the keyboard shortcuts to jump around screen.

[Update: I stopped using Spaces while at work, it became more of a pain to remember which window had what folder view open and having to move back and forth. I might revisit this in the future with a more concrete plan for each space]







2 responses to “Leopard Spaces @ Work”

  1. Colin Devroe Avatar

    I think once some of the AppleScripts that I have seen around make their way into the core application, Spaces will become more usable. It is already a good feature, but the usability goes way down if you switch applications a lot. I’m sure this will improve.

  2. Diana Avatar

    I ended up going back to using Spaces at work just not 4, I use only two.

    One I keep my working files, email, apps on. The other is solely for VMWare Fusion.

    I also saw in the latest version of Adium they have a setting you can check off to keep it available on all spaces.

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