Jesus in a Mercedes Benz E-Class

Yesterday I was filling up gas, and at the pump on the other side of the island was a Mercedes E-class, brand spanking new. It was filled with 5 people all dressed very well in suits and professional attire. One of the guys came back from paying for gas and I heard him say “Man I love this area”, which I then thought, ok you obviously don’t live here. LOL. So I’m leaning against my car, pumping my gas and one of the other people comes over and says, “Do you have any kids, because you might want them to read this”. I said “No, I don’t have any kids”. Then he said “How about this, it’s about what science says about god”. I graciously said, “No, but thank you for offering”. He was very nice and thanked me for listening and went back to pumping gas.

I looked at the car again, and thought, how can you stand there and tell me about God, and the life of Jesus, in a 300.00 suit and driving a Mercedes, how Christ like is that. I don’t’ think Jesus went around in a Mercedes saying “hey listen to me tell you about simplicity from my $50,000 car”. (Ok, so maybe Jesus wouldn’t have been in a car, but how about a 12 horse chariot, is that better). I didn’t catch what religion they said they were from.

I just find that ironic. Preaching a message of simplicity and giving back to others, when you’re living anything but that. Now I know I’m not perfect and I’ve got lots of gadgets of my own. But I’m also not trying to prove to anyone that they should be following my simple way of life.

As far as marketing a message, I think these guys need to reconsider their stance. JM2C






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