It’s Raining in Our Kitchen

At 3am we were abruptly awoken to the house shake and a massive crash. I heard the wood cracking sound and knew it was a tree in or on our home. The storm hit our little area hard, up and down the main route we saw big pines down. We are very, very lucky to be alive and well. Kitties are ok too. We’re spending the next few days moving out, setting up a new home base, and sleeping (we haven’t yet).

We are renters, so our renters insurance covers any damages to our personal items which gratefully it is like 0.01 percent of our stuff. The landlord’s home owners will be dealing with how to repair this. There’s stress fractures through out the house. Rippling walls. Insulation everywhere.

When a tree that size hits your home it is a sound you’re never expecting. I’ve never heard anything quite that loud. Our neighbors kindly let us stay with them until day break, when we could truly assess what happens. It’s a bit hard to see when you’re running through mud at 3:30am in high winds and driving rains.






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