Get Our Money Back


“If they can afford to pay for the high payout bonuses, they can afford to back the American people.”

Ever since I read an article back in the mid-90’s about the CEO of Aetna I believe, living down in Fairfield County, getting a 7 million dollar bonus, I thought, ok there’s something seriously wrong here. How can someone heading up a company who’s supposed to be helping people, but denying many basic coverage, be walking home with that much money. Really you need a 6,000 sq ft house? Since when, did people need 6,000 sq ft houses and multiple cars. Is it nice to have? sure. But how do you sleep at night? What have you done to improve humanity?

In the same thread of thought, banks and their upper management, just for a year be better humans. I’ve gone for over a year with a partial paycheck. They can’t go for a year without a bonus?



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