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Skyline Last night via @cdevroe‘s tweet, I got introduced to Flickr’s new Analog section of the website. I think this is brilliant on Flickr’s part. It doesn’t exclude all those that shoot film, have shot film and adds a new area to share those specific types of photos.

I’m also excited since in April I started taking a Photography Field Class, which then lead to an 8 week dark room class where I fell in love with printing photos. Our little group shot primarily in B&W, even though we each used different kinds of film. We’d crank out photos every week and had a blast doing it.

This Saturday I start those sessions back up. This time renting dark room time and space from our instructor and printing my black and white photos from Maine this year. I’m also eager to review the nude photos I shot, from my first model shoot. I have several from that shoot in digital but they’re not able to be released just yet.

I currently shoot with a Canon Rebel G 35mm camera, I’m hoping to acquire both a Diana F+ and a Yashica MAT 124G.








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  1. Colin Devroe Avatar

    I’m glad I was able to bring this to your attention. Also glad to see that you still work with film. Inspiring.

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