flat, boring, flat, boring

Well what can I say Indiana, Illinois and Missouri are flat and boring. Well Missouri actually had some nice hills. And oh my god this state never ends!!!

Today I did most of the driving. The rock formations in Missouri are really cool. Back in New England everything is granite here, the rocks are very tan and warm toned.

Saw some very interesting billboards. Lots of “Exotic Dancers, Adult Videos, Adult Super Store” billboards. But then right next to those would be “Pornography Destroys Lives, Pornography Hurts All”. Followed by the “Find Eternity, Find Jesus” and “JESUS” and “Repent in the Lord Jesus”. And the largest cross I have ever seen in my entire life.

Passing through St. Louis was really cool. Got to see the big arch, it was really beautiful. Big although for some reason in my head I think I thought it was bigger. But none the less still very cool.

I’ve seen a huge snake dead on the road, and I just saw two dead Armadillos. I’ve never seen those things before. It seems kind of surreal that we are actually in Missouri and about to be in Arkansas. You know what it was a long drive. But I’d do this again.

The V is holding up really well. The tires are wearing and the ride is nice and handling very well at the higher speeds. As I write this we’ve driven 1,388 miles and average 74.8 mph with a max speed of 98.7 mph (and I wasn’t driving for that one).

Soon we will be meeting up with Lisa at Circuit City in Fayetteville. It will be great to see her, it’s been a while.






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