Flashback Tuesday (on Wednesday)

I was going through my photos trying to find one for Flashback Tuesday on Flickr. I don’t think I had shared this one before. I was 14 here and eaten alive by mosquitos, this was the end of 2 weeks on Outward Bound via their Hurricane Island School in Maine.

My middle school years were not the best, and my parents at the recommendation of a counselor they had sent me to see, signed me up and sent me off that summer to Outward Bound. I figured I could hack it. I’d be stuck in a co-ed group of 10 other teenagers, all the same age. We were from all over the country and had never met before.

Reflecting now on the experience, it changed my life, how I saw myself, respected myself and what was really important in life. Through the experience I met one of my best friends, Debbie. She was from Massachusetts and after the trip, we’d call, our parents would meet up mid-state and she’d get to come hang out with me. She even came to school with me for 2 days.

We’ve kept in close touch making sure to get together a few times a year and as luck may have it her and her husband moved to Connecticut. When we all get together it makes for good stories sharing our memories of those unforgettable two weeks in the woods of Maine.

Flashback Tuesday: Outward Bound







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