First Bike Ride of the Season



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  1. Richard Avatar

    Diana, I was on the other side of the river when you shot this. I didn’t see you but I did a 3 hour walk there that day and remember those horses in the corral.

    I have a mountain bike and would be happy to meet with you sometime down there. My bike needs to be tuned up as I’ve not ridden in it a few years but it’s a nice one so will be worth putting some time into. Let me know, I’m almost always up for a walk or a ride in steep rock.

    I’m going to be starting a steep rock group on flickr soon and if you’d like to help me admin it that would be great.

  2. Diana Avatar

    Hi Richard,
    I’d definitely be interested in helping admin the flickr Steep Rock group.

    If I continue to have time off during the week, I’ll be in touch for a ride over at Steep Rock. The fire road is a nice ride up to the tunnel. I’m building up my endurance after a year off the bike.

  3. Richard Avatar

    I was indeed, the red pickup on the extreme left near the map. I walk every Friday with a friend, we’ve been at it for over a year now, mostly at Steep Rock. I remember seeing you two sitting on the fence as I pulled away.

    Wow, small world.

    I’ll get my bike tuned up and let you know when I’m ready. Most of the trails in Steep Rock are off limits to bikes but the roads aren’t so there are a few places to go there.

  4. Diana Avatar

    That’s a nice habit to have. Steep Rock is my husband’s favorite park. When we lived in Washington, he used to go over and hike almost every other day, during his school breaks.

    A warning, I’m still pretty slow 🙂 We stick to the fire road, but I have ridden up the side wide grassy side trail to the tunnel. Not sure if that was off limits to bikes or not, I’ve seen other tracks there, but that doesn’t really mean if it’s supposed to be ridden on or not. Do you know if that one is available or if I should definitely be staying off of it?

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