Eagle Lake

Another day of waking up early. Craig needed to get some stuff emailed out, so we headed to the Opera House Internet Cafe so he could send this out. Then we headed back to Eagle Lake to do the ride again.

I determined at that point that I should do riding every other day. Wednesday I had given my legs a rest and on Thursday I was able to do really well on the trails. But today, my legs were feeling it really early on. I decided not to give up, but to just listen to my body and take rests when it really really hurt, and keep stretching and drinking water. I am definitely going to get one of those camelback things, to be able to load up on water.

I also want to take a moment to thank Craig. He was really great the entire time, he could have just ridden ahead and been like, sooner or later she’ll catch up. But instead he stayed with me, making sure I was ok, and giving me tips on how to use the gears better and stretch.

Towards the end of the ride we stopped at this great little bench that looks out over the lake. We sat and discussed our ideas and goals. It was very nice and relaxing.

Because we finished up again really early, we headed into town again and went to the Cottage Street Bakery and Deli and had lunch outside. Afterwards, we headed back to the campsite, fought with bees and bugs, so took our planning session into the tent and fell asleep. LOL.

We woke up around 4:30 and took down the camp site. Then off to dinner. We ended up at a family restaurant and having lobster and then I got a cheesecake with blueberry topping.

Then off to the top of Cadillac Mountain at 8:40 at night. Which was really pretty eery. On our way up a few cyclists passed us coming down. We got the top and no one was there. It was dark, almost full moon, and very windy. So Craig being the sweety he is (I say that sarcastically) starts saying how spooky it is, to get me scared, which worked pretty well. LOL. I had the iQue with me, so we were able to figure out what we were looking at. which was really cool. We couldn’t figure out at first what this glow was off to the south. It was really perplexing us. Then it hit us, it was actually the moon reflecting off the ocean. Which once we figured out what it was, was pretty cool.





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