Destination 2: Ozarks, Arkansas

It was amazing crossing over the border from Missouri to Arkansas, like two completely different places. Fayetteville was really cool!!! I never thought I’d be uttering those words, Arkansas is cool.

We arrived last night in Fayetteville and met up with Lisa at the Circuit City as previously planned. We then went into downtown Fayetteville. The main area of Fayetteville is a lot like Reston Virginia, very new, with everything you could think of. The downtown is beautiful. Dickson Street was great, lots of clubs, restaurants, shops and very cool architecture. It was a very happening place on a Saturday night, music booming from every place, people everywhere. We finally found parking and ate a pizza place. Then we left and took the very long drive out to Lisa and Chad’s.

The road out to Lisa and Chad’s well, very glad we brought the CR-V. Alan would have been jealous, got to do some very good offroading. Their house is really nice. We slept on the pull out couch. I woke up in the morning to my new little friend, Shadow. Shadow and I hung out for a while, played and slept.

We spent the day visiting with Lisa, Chad and Hannah, finding out more how they make everything work there. I got to copy down some good recipes from Lisa and learn more about cooking with nutritional yeast and tofu. We visited their vegetable garden. They were growing: broccoli, lettuce, peas, strawberries, lemon grass, blueberries and herbs. Their solar panels were definitely the coolest. They were able to power their entire house via three solar panels.

We headed out after Lisa put together some very yummy stir fry to Steele Creek. We drove about 15 miles of dirt roads, through a field of cows. It was like we landed on another planet, and we were the aliens. The cows were really suspicious of the car. There were tons of baby cows, they were really adorable. The trip over to Steele Creek offered up some of the most amazing scenery. The Ozarks are really beautiful.

We were up at one point an elevation of 2200 ft, and then we’d head down these long windy hills to 1000 ft. The road to the park was crazy. Hairpin turns that literally bring you to a complete stop, with drop offs on the other side of guard rail. The road in the park was equally as crazy but now dirt. But it was all incredibly worth it to see the amazing landscape at the bottom. Below are two pictures of this amazing place. The water was an aquamarine blue. After wards we headed back over the miles of dirt roads to Chad’s studio and spent the night there.






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