Destination 1: Indianapolis and a midwestern HondaSUV meet

Woke up around 7:30 am (EST) at a rest stop in Ohio. Switched drivers, and continued on to get breakfast and gas.

Amazing out here, people get together for breakfast at Burger King. I don’t think I’d ever see that back in CT, especially on a weekend. Off to Indianapolis from there. Now I had completely forgotten about the time zone change. So we got to the Indianapolis Museum of Art at 9:30 am (EST) and I was like, hey where is everyone. So I gave Paul a ring on his cell, and I got to talk to Paul who then said, oh I bet you didn’t realize the time change. So for once in life I was really early!

Paul and his wife Paula showed up very shortly. They are really great people, very very nice! Paul’s V is well, just freaking amazing. If I had a garage and money I’m sure I would have looked into some of those modifications too. His seats were the best. Would be really helpful on this trip.

We set up a picnic and chit chatted for a while. Soon after Bob (Racoon) showed up. It was great to see Bob again, we had previously met when he was living in Rochester NY and had attended the Fall Foliage meet I held in 2002. We were all drawn to Paul’s V to ask lots of questions about how he had done everything. Soon after, Jason (Pilot Critter) pulled in with his 7 week old Pilot. Everyone was very very nice. We had a good chat over breakfast goodies about cars, the site, and electronics. Of course we tested my air horns, and yes they are still very loud. After a nice relaxing morning, we drove over and took this incredible photo in front of the Eli Lilly mansion on the grounds of museum.

Thanks again to Paul and Paula for bringing the food and putting together the meet.






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