Day 8: Pensacola Beach and Ft. Pickens

Today we got up early, had breakfast at the restaurant here where we are staying. Afterwards we drove up to the Residence Inn and “borrowed” some high speed internet to do some research about where to go and what times. Caught up with Kevin and Jamie, and kindly enough Mike helped me turn off iChat which my Mom left up at home.

Our first destination was the Naval Air Museum on the Navy base in Pensacola. It was really amazing. We went into see the IMAX show “The Magic of Flight” it was a really good show. We toured the whole museum. It had some really interesting exhibits and some amazing planes. I think the photos will do a better job showing the place.

After we left the NAS, we headed back to downtown Pensacola and headed over to Pensacola Beach. Our plans was to just drive over to the beach area and continue on to Navarre. But the view was so amazing, we stopped and walked down the ocean. There was no one out there, and we decided let’s stay for a while. So Craig went back to the car and got the blanket.

We hung out by the ocean for quite a while. It was warm but with the breeze you never felt it. So we stayed and laid out in the sun. The most amazing thing was when 3 pelicans went right by us, only 6 feet away. We also got to watch a Sand Piper running along the shore. A few guys with surfboards were out trying to surf the waves. Below are some pics.

After hanging out at the beach. We packed up and drove through the park lands and over to Navarre. Once we got in to Navarre we tried to find a wifi spot, but it was intermittently. I got in touch with Jamie (2000crvlx) and headed back to Pensacola Beach and over to Fort Pickens to picnic with Jamie and Sheila.

Tomorrow we head back to Connecticut 🙁 We’ve had a really awesome time here in Florida and all along our trip. We definitely want to come back down here and spend a week, and hopefully after some rain so I can go mudding with Kevin.






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