Day 7: Pensacola

I have to say I really like Pensacola, really laid back. Today was a fun day, got up kind of late, showered and met up with Jamie and Kevin at the Schlotsky’s in Pensacola. It was great to get to meet Kevin since we have talked online quite a bit.

We all chatted over some food at the deli. Afterwards Jamie had to go back to work ๐Ÿ™ But Kevin took Craig and I on some off-roading. Definitely different from the off-roading I’ve done up north. No mud sadly enough due to the lack of rain down here. Here are some pics from the adventures today.

After spending some time out there, Kevin had to head back home and we went off to get a bathing suit for me since I forgot mine. We then headed back to the hotel and ate at the restaurant that’s part of it. The food was really good!

After dinner, we went out by the pool and hung out. We also walked down to the beach area and dipped our feet in the water. The water was quite warm in comparison to what it would be like up in CT.

Tomorrow will be visiting the beach, the IMAX, dinner with Jamie and Sheila and hopefully Kevin too.

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