Day 6: The Land of Sun

Highway 89 - Paulden to Prescott

The sun comes up early here. 5:00 am and Craig and I were both awake. I drifted back and forth between sleep and awake, while Craig wrote lyrics.

We got up and headed out to the Safeway for Starbucks and some groceries. It feels like people can tell we’re not from the area. Not sure what exactly it is, but there’s a feeling.

We came back home and relaxed with my Mom and Dan. Craig napped and I worked on installing face plates and cleaning up the bathroom. I took a much needed shower that felt awesome.

We lounged around some more, I got my full lazy on sitting in the living room looking out over the mountains with my feet up in a recliner. It was great.

Later in the evening we took my Mom and Dan down to Lowes for some household items and we had dinner at Applebees. The sunset over Prescott Valley which is quite a scenic drive.

Craig and I spent the evening on the front porch looking at the stars, picking out constellations and watching meteors. I got to see two pieces of space hardware go over head, which is just so cool.

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