The Carrot

Day 5 of 16: The Carrot

Day 5 of 16: The CarrotA small and unique ornament. We were given this ornament as a wedding present by friends Craig and I grew up with. There was a story behind it, that placing this ornament every year on your tree would bring a good luck in the kitchen.

Carrots have long held a special place in German legend. The glass Carrot ornament is truly a decoration that can bring a tear to an old woman’s eye.

Long ago the glass carrot ornament was very popular in Germany as a traditional gift for brides. It was believed to bring good
luck in the kitchen. After being lost for many years, the antique mold has resurfaced and German artisans are again creating this treasure for a bride’s first Christmas tree.

— The Framework Shop

If we’re willing to go with the good luck being that I actually like cooking now, then who knows maybe this ornament had some success.







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