Day 5: New Orleans to Pensacola

We left in the morning from New Orleans, and headed onto the highway for Pensacola.

The ride over wasn’t really exciting or anything. Lots of wind, which really killed the gas mileage. We made a stop in Biloxi as per Jamie’s recommendation. It was definitely a lot more laid back than New Orleans. There were lots of casinos there. One had a show that looked like Cirque de Soleil, we looked into it but it wasn’t CDS and it wasn’t until 7:30 pm. The beaches in Biloxi were very nice.

Onwards we went to Pensacola. We arrived at our hotel around 3:30. I gave Jamie a call and confirmed our plans for dinner. Next call was to Kevin to let him know we made it into town.

We got ourselves together and met Jamie (2000crvlx) and his wife Sheila for a quick photo opp and then off to dinner at Halls Restaurant.

We had a really great dinner, and talked for quite a while. Afterwards Craig and I took a ride over to Pensacola Beach and checked out the area in the dark, which was kind of pointless, but needless to say interesting still. As warned by Kevin and Jamie, the cops in Gulf Breeze are out in force. We were pretty surprised at how many we saw. No tickets here thank you.






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