Day 4 of 16: Québec

Day 4 of 16: QuébecWhen we were planning our wedding, our goal for our honeymoon was to go to Paris. Craig and had wanted to go back ever since he went in high school. As the year unfolded, this became less and less likely as our expenses mounted and our schedules got even busier than we thought they’d be.

We had heard from someone that Québec was nice. I went onto AOL’s travel boards and found someone raving about this little B&B they stayed at in Vieux Québec, Manoir sur-le-cap. I passed along the information to Craig and he booked the condo unit for us. It proved to be one of our absolute favorite places to visit. We both still highly recommend not only visiting Québec but also staying at Manoir sur-le-cap.

This ornament though was not purchased while there. A friend from my days at Ethan Allen bought this for us while him and his family had visited the area. Craig and I then added our photo from the last day of our honeymoon.







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