Day 4: New Orleans

Well….I know most people love New Orleans. And maybe because I had a different image in my head, I’m not exactly wowed and enamored by this place. Don’t get me wrong it’s very different from anywhere else. But I wouldn’t put it on my top 10 list of places I’d like to go back and visit.

Not to say I couldn’t be swayed into thinking otherwise, and maybe I just haven’t gotten to see the better parts of it. And most likely if I had someone who was from the area showing me around, I’d probably enjoy it more.

Today, we slept in a bit, relaxed. I caught up with some friends online this morning and did some uploading. We headed down to the hotel’s restaurant for some breakfast. They were very nice, it was expensive. Our first mission was to get batteries, what a pain that ended up being. No one seemed to know where to get batteries. So we ended up walking up to Canal Street and over to the Walgreens.

Now that wouldn’t have been too bad, if we hadn’t been haggled by an annoying guy trying to get money out of us. I wasn’t sure if Craig was going to deck him, after the third time he tried to give him a hug and tell him to loosen up. He proceeded to do his thing even though we tried to leave and then of course stuck out his box for money, which of course we did not pay and he copped an attitude. I was completely taken back because I just wasn’t expecting it. About 10 minutes later I wanted to go back, haul off and deck him myself and tell him how rude he was. But I didn’t, and I’m sure he could have kicked my ass.

So…back to getting batteries. We got all the way up there, and the sky opens up to torrential rain. We hung out in Walgreens for a while. The rain still wasn’t letting up, so we bought an umbrella. Off we went back to Bourbon Street.

We stopped at the Bourbon House Seafood Restaurant for lunch. The food was very good and it was a nice break from the rain. After that we wandered around the French Quarter checking out little side streets and getting photos. Didn’t really go into any shops. Saw some very interesting t-shirts.

We found Pat O’Briens and got to see some really amazing architecture. We made our way down to Jackson Park. This is a really beautiful area of the city. We wandered over to Cafe du Monde on Decatur street and got some chicory coffee and some beignets. After this we stopped and went into the St. Louis Cathedral.

After all that, we headed back to our hotel. Sat out on the porch until another thunderstorm came in. I went to sleep because I wasn’t feeling to good from the coffee and Craig did some work on the laptop.

Tomorrow we will reclaim our car and head over to Pensacola.






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