2000 Ornament

Day 3 of 16: The Millennium

Day 3 of 16: 20002000 was a big year for a lot of reasons. The world had a mass panic that bank accounts were going to seize all because of a programming short-sight. Alas, all continued forward and the world did not end. For us personally 2000 was a big year, lots of change, lots of happenings.

Craig and I decided to hold our wedding in June. Earlier in the year, in January, while home from college, we came up with CRIANA. Craig and I wanted to have a website for our wedding attendees to visit, get directions and learn more about our service. We built a website, but wasn’t sure what to name it. We tossed ideas around and then started trying to combine our names and came up with CRIANA, long before any Bennifer or other silly Hollywood nonsense. The name stuck and it became our business. I’m not sure if anyone ever visited the wedding website.

2000 was also the year I graduated college, landed my first full-time employment job, bought a house and got married. There’s quite a bit of chaos in there as well; some ups and some downs.

I’ve learned a lot over the past 14 years. One constant is our vision for CRIANA, that started in 2000. This ornament was purchase when we visited Bank Street Coffee House in New Milford along Railroad Street. They had these hand crafted ornaments for sale. I’m not sure if they were local, but they caught our attention right away. We picked up two and one of them was this one, celebrating the millennium.








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