Day 2 of 16: Unicorns

Day 2 of 16: Unicorn TapestriesThe story of unicorns interweaving in my life.

As a girl who loved horses growing up, the mystical unicorn was something I used to draw often. Being a child of the 80’s who loved horses also meant I loved My Little Ponies (hey they’re back!). Skip forward to being a teenager taking AP Art History and I discover the Unicorn Tapestries. Who knew they’d be housed only an hour from where I grew up at the Cloisters. In 1998, Craig and I were engaged, and he introduced me to the Cloisters and I introduced him to all of the art that had been in my Jansen’s Art History book, including those tapestries. Recently we started rewatching the Harry Potter series, well there on the wall of Gryffindor’s “dorm” is the Unicorn tapestries. Finalizing all of this unicorn lore in my life is attending NEWDcamp in Providence in November. I’m listening to presenters talk about these  rare people in the web community who are both good at design and development, and they call them… wait for it… unicorns. So there you have it folks, grew up liking unicorns, only to become one.

The tapestries though are truly quite rare and unique. If you live in the NYC area or are visiting I highly recommend a trip to the Cloisters. On a previous trip we picked up a hanging tapestry reproduction which we have in our bedroom, and this past summer, we visited again and picked up this ornament.







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