Day 10: Virginia to Connecticut

We woke up around 10:00 and visited with my Aunt and Uncle and then went to breakfast and showed them our photo slide show of the trip. We really enjoyed our visit with them. Afterwards we headed over to my grandmother’s (she lives in the same area) and picked up some stuff to bring back to my Mom, and also got to visit with her.

After leaving my grandma’s we had two options for going home. Take the Maryland / Pennsylvania route or head up 95. Since we had already seen a lot of interstate traffic we opted for the Maryland / Penn route. So off we went heading up the Leesburg Pike to get to Route 15.

We got stuck behind a big accident just as you get onto Route 15.

While sitting there waiting to get through. We saw these. There were three of them.

We did finally get onto Route 15 and headed home. Peahen (Heidi) next time I come back through I’ll make sure I stop and visit.

The trip back was pretty uneventful until the latter half of Pennsylvania. Oh wait I forgot. We saw about 30 import cars that had been all modded. 3 times we saw groups of 5-6 cars pulled over on the side of the highway doing work on one of the cars. I’m not sure if there was a SEMA show nearby or what. They were all different makes and models.

At one point I was moving along with two of the guys doing 90 mph. The three of us got off the same exit, but I got on again and I don’t know where they went.

After getting back on the highway. I got in line behind a guy in a Suzuki Grand Vitara, we were moving along quite nicely. He was a good 1000 feet ahead of me. I had dropped back a little, and all of the sudden out of the woods right next to me pulled out a state trooper. I must have passed him going 85 mph. I of course slammed on my brakes and moved over and dropped my speed to 60 mph and just kept looking forward hoping the cop would go by me. Which he did and then he pulled over the other guy. That was kinda freaky.

Afterwards I got into a safer crowd and was very aware of the cop turn outs.

When we crossed over into NY state we got this wonderful show in the pic below. It was sooo cool. We could see two hot air balloons froma distance. As we got closer they’d go behind the trees a little. They were obviously getting ready to land. But then we rounded a corner and one was right over the highway and about to land. They were waiving down at all of us. I beeped the horn several times.

Well we’re very glad to be home. Yet at the same time would have loved to stay in Pensacola and enjoyed the beaches and visited with Kevin, Jamie and Sheila more.






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