Dad's Ornament

Day 1 of 16: Dad’s Ornament

12/9 Dad's OrnamentThis ornament is one of the most important to me. As a kid I could not have cared less. My Dad fussed about this, always making sure it had a safe place on the tree. As a teenager I finally asked, what’s the story with those beads? My Dad being the locked vault he usually was, did not tell me right away.

Eventually I discovered they were an ornament he grew up with on their meager Christmas tree as a kid. The story, as it was conveyed to me, was someone in the family, or friends with the family made these. They were one of the very few things to survive from his childhood.

Every year I make sure they get a safe and visible place on the tree. It’s amazing they’ve survived this long considering how delicate the beads are, as well as, the now well dried string holding them together.

They are circa 1920-30’s.



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