Changing A Life

Putting all the puzzle pieces together on my health has been a long road. Heck I can go back on my blog to 2003 and find posts of melt downs wondering why I can’t tackle it. I have paper journals from 1997 with entries of “why can’t I get over this hurdle, why don’t I take it seriously“.

It’s taken a lot of growing up, getting through a lot of personal psychological issues in my own life and my family. For as long as I can remember, someone was telling me I was a brat and lazy. I’ll concede on the brat, when I was younger I was. Some might argue I still am.

Lisa McMillan recommended to me the book The Now Habit by Dr. Neil Fiore. All I can say is wow, every stage of the book I feel like it was my life that was the case study for it. It’s helped me gain a lot of clarity on why I do the things I do, why I react certain ways, why I get overwhelmed and just shut down.

The book also helped me focus on why I have yet to be successful at weight loss. I know how to exercise, I used to sit home in the summers of middle school and early high school watching and going along with Body Shaping. I love to be outdoors doing biking, kayaking or hiking. So that’s not an issue.

Eating. While I don’t choose to make the best decisions all the time, I do know what is good to put in my body and how much of it I should be having. I actually like many more vegetables than I ever did as a kid. Seeing the nutritionist for two months re-affirmed that I’m not clueless and have crazy eating patterns.

What was left… The psychological/mind barrier. Why do I find excuses? Why do I shut down and feel overwhelmed still? What is holding me back from being the successful person I know I can be.

Here are the thoughts that came to my head…

  • I try to do too much at once, trying to tackle 8 life changing habits at once
  • I think I have to be perfect the first time out, and any falter and I may as well give up
  • I feel like I don’t have enough time
  • I feel the pressure to go along with what ever others are doing
  • I put way too much guilt and negativity on myself
  • I put too much weight in others approval of me

Now that I know what the concerns are, I can start to make changes.

Find time… This is my first goal. Become a morning person. Since my biggest complaint to myself and everyone around me is my lack of time, I need to focus on making more time in my day. Once I can establish that, then I can go back and change what I fill that time with.

That’s the plan!



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2 responses to “Changing A Life”

  1. Colin Devroe Avatar

    Few points: 1. Having a plan is 90% of the battle. Many people don’t even have that. 2. Any plan is a good plan, because it can be changed over time if it isn’t working. 3. Never quit.


  2. Diana Avatar

    Thanks! I needed to hear that. And I’m adding no.3 to my daily mantras 🙂

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