Day 5: New Orleans to Pensacola

We left in the morning from New Orleans, and headed onto the highway for Pensacola. The ride over wasn’t really exciting or anything. Lots of wind, which really killed the gas mileage. We made a stop in Biloxi as per Jamie’s recommendation. It was definitely a lot more laid back than New Orleans. There were lots of casinos there. One had a show that looked like Cirque de Soleil, we looked into it but it wasn’t CDS and it wasn’t until 7:30 pm. The beaches in Biloxi were very nice. Onwards we went to Pensacola. We arrived at our hotel around 3:30. I gave Jamie a call and confirmed our plans for dinner. Next call was to Kevin to let him know we made it into town. We got ourselves together and met Jamie (2000crvlx) and his wife Sheila for […]

my iQue has become mute

So I’ve got this great little navigation aid for our trip. Except just before the trip it stops talking to me. Nice! All the sounds are coming out of every other program on it except the navigation, convenient wouldn’t yah say. Other than that the iQue has done really well. It’s gotten us to all our destinations with no problems. Twice it seemed to bug out, but once I pulled it out of the sun and let it re-calibrate all was good again. Some of the best features on this are the ability to have it tell us when the next intersection is coming up, and to estimate our arrival time at the final destination. Also getting to see the speed is very helpful, since my speedometer now has a 2% offset from the new tires. All in all, I’m […]

Day 4: New Orleans

Well….I know most people love New Orleans. And maybe because I had a different image in my head, I’m not exactly wowed and enamored by this place. Don’t get me wrong it’s very different from anywhere else. But I wouldn’t put it on my top 10 list of places I’d like to go back and visit. Not to say I couldn’t be swayed into thinking otherwise, and maybe I just haven’t gotten to see the better parts of it. And most likely if I had someone who was from the area showing me around, I’d probably enjoy it more. Today, we slept in a bit, relaxed. I caught up with some friends online this morning and did some uploading. We headed down to the hotel’s restaurant for some breakfast. They were very nice, it was expensive. Our first mission was […]

Odd Billboards

Ok, I’ve got to write about this, because this is now the 4th billboard I’ve seen for “Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal”. These are the questions I’ve got. 1) Are there that many men who got married had vasectomies, got divorced, remarried and now want to have kids that dictates whole billboards? 2) Other than remarrying and wanting to have kids again, why would you want to undo that procedure? If you think about it, ultimate birth control. You could have sex all the time and never have to worry about getting the woman you’re with pregnant. No worries about having kids when you didn’t want them. 3) I am yet to see a “Microsurgical Untying your Tubes” billboard. Hmm….let’s think why is that? Oh yeah usually women don’t want to go back to being able to have more kids. Mostly likely […]

Travel Day 3: Arkansas to New Orleans

Last night we stayed at Chad’s studio. He’s got a pretty nice set up. He showed Craig all his equipment and how he was using the Mac to run his whole studio. He was using the software Reason to do a lot it. Craig was really impressed by how Chad had built a separate room with a viewing window for recording vocals. We also got to hear a song where Lisa rapped. The studio was a relatively good sized building, but definitely needed some work. We were greeted by their friends cat who was in need of a meal. I shared my Cheetos with her. She was a very very pretty orange tabby about 10 months old, and very affectionate. We left Lisa and Chad early this morning. Lisa had to head off to work and Chad was off to […]

Destination 2: Ozarks, Arkansas

It was amazing crossing over the border from Missouri to Arkansas, like two completely different places. Fayetteville was really cool!!! I never thought I’d be uttering those words, Arkansas is cool. We arrived last night in Fayetteville and met up with Lisa at the Circuit City as previously planned. We then went into downtown Fayetteville. The main area of Fayetteville is a lot like Reston Virginia, very new, with everything you could think of. The downtown is beautiful. Dickson Street was great, lots of clubs, restaurants, shops and very cool architecture. It was a very happening place on a Saturday night, music booming from every place, people everywhere. We finally found parking and ate a pizza place. Then we left and took the very long drive out to Lisa and Chad’s. The road out to Lisa and Chad’s well, very […]

flat, boring, flat, boring

Well what can I say Indiana, Illinois and Missouri are flat and boring. Well Missouri actually had some nice hills. And oh my god this state never ends!!! Today I did most of the driving. The rock formations in Missouri are really cool. Back in New England everything is granite here, the rocks are very tan and warm toned. Saw some very interesting billboards. Lots of “Exotic Dancers, Adult Videos, Adult Super Store” billboards. But then right next to those would be “Pornography Destroys Lives, Pornography Hurts All”. Followed by the “Find Eternity, Find Jesus” and “JESUS” and “Repent in the Lord Jesus”. And the largest cross I have ever seen in my entire life. Passing through St. Louis was really cool. Got to see the big arch, it was really beautiful. Big although for some reason in my head […]

Destination 1: Indianapolis and a midwestern HondaSUV meet

Woke up around 7:30 am (EST) at a rest stop in Ohio. Switched drivers, and continued on to get breakfast and gas. Amazing out here, people get together for breakfast at Burger King. I don’t think I’d ever see that back in CT, especially on a weekend. Off to Indianapolis from there. Now I had completely forgotten about the time zone change. So we got to the Indianapolis Museum of Art at 9:30 am (EST) and I was like, hey where is everyone. So I gave Paul a ring on his cell, and I got to talk to Paul who then said, oh I bet you didn’t realize the time change. So for once in life I was really early! Paul and his wife Paula showed up very shortly. They are really great people, very very nice! Paul’s V is […]