Acadia : Day 2 : Setup / Explore

Well last night sleeping in the car, wasn’t the most comfortable sleeping experience. Took many readjustments during the night to get comfortable. But this morning we woke up with the sun and headed into downtown Bar Harbor for some breakfast. On our way over to Bar Harbor, we came across these really cool spider webs all glistening in the sun. This is something my Mom thought would be really cool, and as luck may have it they were in between both ends of Betsy’s Road. Check out the pics. Bar Harbor had no one here, unlike last night. We had a pick of many parking spots and we walked around. We got breakfast did a little window shopping. Checked out the dock. We found a local health food grocer so we can tofu and yummy foods ๐Ÿ™‚ After hanging out […]

Acadia : Day 1 : Travel

Well we left around 6:30am. Packed the bikes in the pouring rain, packed the car in the pouring rain. We headed off, hoping we’d drive out of it. Instead the rain came down so hard in Waterbury, I couldn’t see, so I pulled off under an overpass and let Craig drive. We made pretty good time up to Kerry & Dave’s. We stopped there and had breakfast. Kerry was a gracious host, and served us lots of yummy food. We got the full tour of the new home, which is a really great house. We departed Kerry’s around 12:30 and headed onto Maine. We continued our drive, got stuck in two toll lines, not too long but a pain in the ass none the less. The rain never ended all the way up to Maine. Once we got past Portland […]

Olympics 2004

Well I’ve fallen behind again on posting. The HondaSUV Olympics have come and gone. It was a great event hosted by the talented Varmint (aka Kyle). We had one more car than we had the previous Olympics. The events were a blast as always, and amazingly enough mother nature held out and gave us some beautiful weather. The event was in the Franconia Notch of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Cannon Mountain played host to us again. We did our usual blindfolded auto cross, and then I think it was called Crazy Commute. I ended up coming in, in 3rd place. Which I wasn’t even trying, so I guess I can’t complain. Day 1, we did the Olympics events, went to the top of Cannon, and then continued our games. Craig had to work, so we drove up in two separate […]

Virginia On My Mind

For the 4th of July weekend, we were invited down to Virginia to celebrate my cousin Will’s graduation from High School. btw Will CONGRATS! We had a wonderful weekend. My Aunt and Uncle kindly enough provided hospitality for us and were gracious hosts. We drove down Friday night after work. Didn’t hit much traffic. I went to use my trusty cell phone with my laptop and it wouldn’t work. Tried calling Cingular but of course my call dropped and I lost coverage. So we arrived around 11:30 and packed it into our bedrooms. Saturday we went out and picked up the grandma and also got some foods for the party. The graduation party was great, Will made out very well. We had a really great time. Sunday, we got up and drove down to Fredericksburg to meet up with Majomortensen. […]

Day 10: Virginia to Connecticut

We woke up around 10:00 and visited with my Aunt and Uncle and then went to breakfast and showed them our photo slide show of the trip. We really enjoyed our visit with them. Afterwards we headed over to my grandmother’s (she lives in the same area) and picked up some stuff to bring back to my Mom, and also got to visit with her. After leaving my grandma’s we had two options for going home. Take the Maryland / Pennsylvania route or head up 95. Since we had already seen a lot of interstate traffic we opted for the Maryland / Penn route. So off we went heading up the Leesburg Pike to get to Route 15. We got stuck behind a big accident just as you get onto Route 15. While sitting there waiting to get through. We […]

Day 9: Travel Day Pensacola to Reston VA

Well this trip took forever, or at least it seemed like it. We left Pensacola around 11:30 am CST, and it seemed like forever to get to Alabama. Then Alabama seemed to take forever to go through. We got stuck in residual accident traffic in Atlanta and South Carolina, which really added time to the trip. We made it to North Carolina and then into Virginia, and tried to make time in Virginia. We rolled into Virginia at 3:20 AM and stayed at my Aunt and Uncles in Reston. One side note, we’ve passed through some really funny names towns along this trip. Mt. Comfort, Sleeper, Shorter to name a few. One good thing is the iQue is talking again, just had to re-install the audio files and all was good again.

Day 8: Pensacola Beach and Ft. Pickens

Today we got up early, had breakfast at the restaurant here where we are staying. Afterwards we drove up to the Residence Inn and “borrowed” some high speed internet to do some research about where to go and what times. Caught up with Kevin and Jamie, and kindly enough Mike helped me turn off iChat which my Mom left up at home. Our first destination was the Naval Air Museum on the Navy base in Pensacola. It was really amazing. We went into see the IMAX show “The Magic of Flight” it was a really good show. We toured the whole museum. It had some really interesting exhibits and some amazing planes. I think the photos will do a better job showing the place. After we left the NAS, we headed back to downtown Pensacola and headed over to Pensacola […]

Day 7: Pensacola

I have to say I really like Pensacola, really laid back. Today was a fun day, got up kind of late, showered and met up with Jamie and Kevin at the Schlotsky’s in Pensacola. It was great to get to meet Kevin since we have talked online quite a bit. We all chatted over some food at the deli. Afterwards Jamie had to go back to work ๐Ÿ™ But Kevin took Craig and I on some off-roading. Definitely different from the off-roading I’ve done up north. No mud sadly enough due to the lack of rain down here. Here are some pics from the adventures today. After spending some time out there, Kevin had to head back home and we went off to get a bathing suit for me since I forgot mine. We then headed back to the hotel […]