My Dad

Today I want to take a moment to remember my Dad. He was born on May 5, 1936 and grew up in Connecticut. He loved cars and passed on that love of cars to me (along with my Mom – I didn’t forget you Mom). He also used create the most amazing gifts for me, and could fix anything. He loved electronics and music. His CDs and LP collection most people still don’t believe when we tell them. He also had an incredible workshop, filled with enough electronics to make Radio Shack jealous. My Dad had a heart attack in 1976 and technically I shouldn’t be here since I was born in 1979. After his heart attack, he never took better care of his body. He let his health go, and was pretty depressed about what the future held for […]

Jesus in a Mercedes Benz E-Class

Yesterday I was filling up gas, and at the pump on the other side of the island was a Mercedes E-class, brand spanking new. It was filled with 5 people all dressed very well in suits and professional attire. One of the guys came back from paying for gas and I heard him say “Man I love this area”, which I then thought, ok you obviously don’t live here. LOL. So I’m leaning against my car, pumping my gas and one of the other people comes over and says, “Do you have any kids, because you might want them to read this”. I said “No, I don’t have any kids”. Then he said “How about this, it’s about what science says about god”. I graciously said, “No, but thank you for offering”. He was very nice and thanked me for […]

Happy Birthday Dorothy

This is just a happy birthday congrats to Dorothy Brittle 🙂 Craig, my Mom and I were down in Virginia for the July 4th weekend, and were lucky enough to be there to celebrates Dots birthday. She is my Mom’s brother’s mother in law. She got a new color TV/VCR combo unit.


Today, we were supposed to meet up with Ron and Liz to see Fahrenheit 9/11 in NYC. After some scheduling conflicts, and then finding out that every showing in NYC from 2:00 until 11:00pm was sold out, we decided it would be easiest for Craig and I to see it up in CT and they saw it when time was available down there. So Craig and I researched the movie showtimes. Bethel Cinema and Loews were carrying it. So we decided since Bethel had the most showings we’d hit them up, and a 4:50 showing wouldn’t be too packed. Well we were wrong. Bethel Cinema was packed and people were parking in other parking lots and walking over to it. So we decided nope, not gonna do this. We drove back over to Loews, but it was only 4:40. I […]

Fleet Week

I’m a bit late on doing the write up on this. For Memorial Day we traveled down to NYC and met up with Ron and his family. We walked over to the Intrepid and went to see Fleet Week. By the time we made it up to the ships it was raining pretty well. We forgot our umbrellas but Ron, Liz and Steph brought two, which they kindly shared one with us. It was nice to be able to get in for free. We waited in line for quite a while. Saw a police guy with a machine gun, definitely a deterrent in my eyes. Saw lots of navy people in their white uniforms. All Navy personnel were very cordial and nice. To get into the ship area, we had to go through a search of our pocket books and […]

Is there such a thing as perfect weather?

Yes! and I know because I experienced it today. Absolutely perfect weather. Sunny, no humidity, dark blue sky, light fluffy white clouds, and a nice breeze. You can not ask for a more perfect day. Oh yeah and it was a perfect 70 degrees. This is the kind of weather where you can work up a sweat and it’s taken a way by that nice breeze and you cool off again. So on a day like today, I went kayaking. Craig’s parents had their campsite set up at Lake Waramaug in New Preston. If you’ve never been I highly recommend it. It’s a beautiful lake, the state park is very nice, and generally it’s pretty quiet. We went up on Saturday evening, had some marshmallows over the fire, and then headed home. Sunday, we headed back up after church, and […]

Graduation Day

Today started off cold and very early. Craig headed down early and then my Mom, Craig’s parents and I rode down together to Fairfield University. Today Craig graduated with his Masters in Educational Technology. We baked under the sun, but got to see Craig graduated. The commencement speaker was Cokie Roberts. She gave a really great speech. Afterwards we headed to lunch and tonight we celebrated at the GW Tavern in Washington Depot. Craig’s parents got him a new iPod mini. This Fall Craig will be doing his student teaching and then he’ll be gainfully employable as a Library Media Specialist in the schools.


Do you ever find yourself not confronting a situation because of fear of the outcome? Even though you maybe completely wrong and the outcome is better than you had expected, you put this off. Not wanting to deal with a very unhappy person, but rather avoid it while keeping this semblance of surreal happiness. I wonder why as humans we will go through so much to keep everyone happy. Some go through their whole lives only making sure everyone else is happy, while others go through making sure they’re happy and don’t care about others. Why do we all love comedies? they make us happy. I’m sure there is a psychologist who’s already done the study on this, and figured out what neural connectors in the brain reactor better through laughter or smiling. Well now I’ve started rambling, just some […]