Murphy’s graphic design laws

– Speed. Quality. Affordability. Pick two – If three designs are shown to a client, your least favorite will be chosen. Murphy’s graphic design laws. (Now let’s add an interaction/UI design section to these!) (Via swissmiss.)

A Holiday Card, Charlie Brown

While I’ve never had to work at an agency that this high pressured about a holiday greeting. I’ve been on other projects with the same intensity. Not sure who made this little parody but it’s pretty funny and good.


Funny story around this button. At my work we had a bell at the front desk, about a week after it was placed there it “walked”, and considering how small the company is, it walked out the door. My bet is on the disgruntled FedEx guy. The bell was replaced with a Yahoo button. So whenever someone comes into the building, they press it and someone comes up front. I laugh each time because it’s the person going “Yaaaaaahooooo ooooooh” that resonates through the building. I wanted one! I went on eBay and found only one up for bid. I clicked “watch this item”. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to spend money on it. Last Saturday I was sitting on the couch with Craig, I had my iPhone in hand while were watching TV. I got an email […]

The Survey For People Who Make Websites

In March 2006 I attended An Event Apart in Boston. I loved attending the conference and came away inspired and excited about my profession again. Following the event, the wonderful people at A List Apart created a survey. A survey that was much needed for the field. This year they’ve done it again. If you work in the web field, please take a moment to fill it out.    

NY International Auto Show

Two Friday’s ago Craig, Kelly and I went down to New York City for the opening day of the New York International Auto Show. Craig and I have been several times over the past 14 years. This year we planned to look at the hybrid and alternative fuel options on the market, prototypes and future concepts. The biggest change that struck me was the lack of “extras” this year. Minimal print advertising to walk away with, minimal schwag to promote the brands. Everything was focused on the cars, the booth, displays showing their new technologies. We had a good time, went in with a clear focus and didn’t lose a whole day strolling around the Javits Center. A note on parking, it’s gone up. It’s usually $40.00 at the lots around it, this time it was $50.00. Created with Admarket’s […]

Email Standards Project

Today launches the Email Standards Project. I can not begin to convey the importance of this project. To help relate why this is so important, I’m going to give you some background on how I ended up designing emails for a living and a typical day. Background I started designing websites in 1997. It was at an internship while in high school. My goal was to go to college and get a degree in Graphic Design. I did go off to college and have my degree in Graphic Design. While at that internship I made a significant switch from the world of print which I started learning to digital. After college I continued to work designing websites. In late August 2007 I was introduced to the world of email design. The company I was employed with decided to get into […]

Will Animate For

If you haven’t been to this website, go check it out. Adam Green is a very talented animator, and he also happens to have a great sense of humor. I stumbled across his site, while reading through posts on Mac Oddly enough I had just watched the Princess Bride for the first time in quite a while. Adam does what I could only dream of doing, animating and in 3-D. I seem to be good at my 2-D world 🙂 Craig and I spent a while taking in, and watched the opening video several times each time laughing out loud. I really hope Adam is able to get employment with an animation group. Good luck Adam!!!