While doing errands this morning in the bitter cold, the ideas going through my head were the different items I want to service on my car. It frustrates me to no end that I slacked on keeping the wheels clean over the past 4 years and because of that, brake dust has become caked on. I look under the hood and there’s definitely surface rust on strut bolts and my air horns need to be polished and other items need a coat of armor all. These little things irk me. To add to it, my hood has some chips (8 years of highway commuting, it’s a miracle it’s not worse) and this past fall an acorn tree did some dent damage. I want to bring my wonderful 8 year old vehicle back to new. Ok, well maybe not brand new, […]


I forget sometimes how lucky I’ve been in life. This happens often since I’m typically consumed by the current moment and how it may or may not be living up to my standards. Perspective and time often help rectify this situation. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some very talented people over the years, and still do currently. Some people I’ve connected with in the field I’ve never even met in person and I’m regularly humbled by their talents. They inspire me. They also remind me I’m not alone and it’s a process that keeps me growing. I’m taking a risk, something I don’t seem to like to do when it comes to my career and have said “yes” to several side projects. My time is limited but I need to feel inspired and alive again. The opportunities that […]

Life and Death

I was trying to figure out which category to put this under. It’s my thoughts on my health. It’s a long complicated story. So my health, specifically my weight and my bp. I was a healthy kid until I hit puberty, than that crap screwed with my body and I got chubby. Then over the years, I slowly gained like 5-10 lbs a year. And well that’s been going on for oh, like 9 years so you get the idea. The ol’ blood pressure, started being an issue during my senior year in HS. Granted I was like 40 lbs over weight at that point. I also had a lot of stress. Needless to say it fluctuated. Funny thing is, two weeks before my wedding, my bp was the best it’s been in years. You’d think I’d be a stressed […]

Will Animate For

If you haven’t been to this website, go check it out. Adam Green is a very talented animator, and he also happens to have a great sense of humor. I stumbled across his site, while reading through posts on Mac Oddly enough I had just watched the Princess Bride for the first time in quite a while. Adam does what I could only dream of doing, animating and in 3-D. I seem to be good at my 2-D world 🙂 Craig and I spent a while taking in, and watched the opening video several times each time laughing out loud. I really hope Adam is able to get employment with an animation group. Good luck Adam!!!