Cadillac Mountain Summit

The loop trail

By request, some more info : )

Location: Cadillac Mountain Summit Loop Trail on Mount Desert Island in Maine, in Acadia National Park
Camera Settings: ISO100 / f8 / 1/320s / 18mm focal length

I used a graduated filter on the lense to keep the sky a deep rich blue while exposing the trail properly. If you’ve never been to Acadia National Park, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s beautiful, scenic and the whole Maine coast is wonderful to explore. If you like to hike and particularly bicycle it’s a little slice of heaven.






4 responses to “Cadillac Mountain Summit”

  1. Colin Devroe Avatar

    Awesome. More meta data!! Where? Who? What?

  2. Diana Avatar

    Good suggestion! I added in more info below the pic : ) Thanks for stopping by. More pics will be coming out through out the week.

  3. Craig Avatar

    Great pic sweets! I feel like I was there 😉

  4. Colin Devroe Avatar

    Well holy canoli! I was thinking just some general info but you went all out! 😉

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